Backyard Quail, 6"w x 8"h, 2013

Backyard Quail, 6″w x 8″h, 2013

I just completed my donation piece for the SAQA Santa Fe Conference:  Expanding Horizons that takes place April 25th-28th.  It is titled Backyard Quail.  I love when the California Quail (yes California’s State Bird) visit my backyard.  They are very shy and scatter away at the slightest movement, so I hide indoors and take photos through a crack in my door.  This piece was created and painted on an art app on my iPad from an inspiration photo I took on one of their many visits.  (I have taken hundreds of photos of the quail, rabbits, pigeons, ravens and squirrels who visit my bird feeder to get just the right image….)  I stitched it both by hand and sewing machine.

I am very excited that I will be attending the conference.  I have never been to Santa Fe and looking forward to exploring the city, along with meeting other SAQA members.  What fun it will be!