Backyard Quail Pair, 2013, 27"w x 22"h, Private Collection

Backyard Quail Pair, 2013, 27″w x 22″h

I have had fun making portraits of the animals that visit my backyard bird feeder.  From inspiration photos I have taken with my camera,  I draw and paint my interpretations using an art app on my iPad.  My images are then printed onto whole cloth, ready to be machine and hand stitched, to be made into wall art.   I am thrilled with the often daily visits that California Quail make to my yard from nearby hillsides where they live.  I hide inside my house with only a crack opened in sliding glass door for my camera as they are so very skittish.  With the smallest sound or movement they scamper and fly away.

Close up view

Close up views, machine and hand stitching on whole cloth.

Detail view

Detail view

Using an image I painted on my iPad that I used for my donation to the SAQA Santa Fe Conference Auction, I created a larger version I call Backyard Quail 2.  It has a different color palette and drawing style than the one above. I heavily machine and hand quilted the piece.

Backyard Quail 2,  17"w x 25"h, 2013

Backyard Quail 2, 17″w x 25″h, 2013

Detail image, machine and hand stitching

Detail image, machine and hand stitching

7 Responses to “Backyard Wildlife Portraits (iPad Style)…California Quail (2 versions)”

  1. Cheryl Crow

    Thanks for sending the pictures. It’s a really beautiful quilt that will be enjoyed for generations. All’s well here although Terry had skin cancer removed from his back on Friday and can’t golf for two weeks. He is sooooo bored. The doctor removed old scar tissue from previous treatments so had to cut deep and put in lots of stitches. Hopefully this is the last time he has to be treated for this area as he has been dealing with it for many years. This time he had a Mohs treatment so the doctor should have gotten all of it. Love, Cheryl

    Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2013 18:58:18 +0000 To:

  2. jennyklyon

    I absolutely love what you have done! Great use of technology in your art-I had no idea you could do this.

    • sherrykleinman

      Thanks Cindy. The app is called Tracing Paper. One can work in black and white or use colors. You use a photograph as your background and using a stylus can draw what ever lines you want to use. Look at my piece Alone/Together (figurative section on website) and you will see black and white drawings using the same app.

  3. Dee Danley-Brown

    Beautiful depictions of one of my favorite California birds!!! Used to have many in my yard and loved watching them. Don’t have any where I live now!!


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