This week (January 22-26) begins my 2014 quilt show season at Road to California in Ontario.  I am happy that two of my pieces are part of their juried show:  Under a Violet Moon and Geisha.

Both were created in similar ways:  painting (with air brush paint, water-soluble crayons and pencils), many layers of stitching on canvas (both machine and hand stitches), and borders created with commercial and hand dyed fabrics.

Under a Violet Moon, 29" x 29", 2013

Under a Violet Moon, 29″ x 29″, 2013

Under a Violet Moon, detail, 2014

Under a Violet Moon, detail, 2013

Geisha, 24"x 60", 2012

Geisha, 24″x 60″, 2012

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7 Responses to “Road to California begins my 2014 Show Season!”

  1. Gay and Michael

    We’ll be there on Friday. Hope to see you, but otherwise glad your work will be seen and enjoyed by so many.

  2. Terry Waldron

    Darn, I only wish you could be there this Thursday at Road. I’m bringing Cindy Cooksey, Julie Schlueter, and Jamie Fingal with me. We’ll be there when it opens!

    I’ll be looking for your pieces there. Hugs, Terry


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