I am so happy to be attending the International Quilt Festival in Houston two years in a row.
Because I was an award winner last year (2nd place Digital Imagery) I was asked to donate to the Celebrity IQA Silent Auction that will take place during the Festival. I chose to recreate a detail image from my piece Taking Time to Text which is traveling through 2016 with the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) Exhibit Text Messages. If you are in Houston take a look and bid on Texting with Friends! (see it below)


At the Festival I have two pieces that were juried into the World of Beauty Competition: Geisha and Waiting Expectantly.  I love doing portraits!  Geisha is painted on canvas and Waiting Expectantly is created digitally on my iPad and then printed onto fabric.

Geisha, 24"x 60", 2012

Geisha, 24″w x 60″h, 2012

Waiting Expectantly, 24"w x 60"h, 2013 An Exquisite Moment, Dinner@Eight Exhibit, International Quilt Festival, Long Beach, August, 2013, Houston, October 2013

Waiting Expectantly, 24″w x 60″h, 2013 

4 Responses to “International Quilt Festival 2014-Houston Here I Come (2 days…) Part One”

  1. Kersey Girl

    Great news Sherry! Keep up the good work cuz your work is both beautiful and thought provoking.



  2. Maria Vuorio

    Good (Tuesday) morning, Sherry, and thank you so much for sending me the great news from the Quilt Festival! I love those “texting”-works, they are so current! Texting people fill metros, buses, trams, pavements, cafés, meetings… all the time, everywhere. You are the only artist that I know who depicts this very phenomenon of our time.

    Thank you for La Quinta- greetings as well. Looks very far away, very exotic.



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