The 100 Fundraiser to Fight Cancer

The 100 Fundraiser to Fight Cancer

I am honored, to be an invited artist for “The 100” to be held on Wednesday, February 4, 2015. The goal for this fiber art fundraiser for the American Cancer Society is to raise $10,000 in one day.

Virginia Spiegel the brainchild of Fiberart For A Cause has invited 100 artists to donate fiber art to help raise money to fight cancer.

How? All the details are here:

I’m sure you will want to be one of the very exclusive 100 patrons who will be randomly assigned artwork from an extraordinary line-up of international fiber artists.

100 Artists – 100 Patrons – One Day
$10,000 To Fight Cancer
February 4, 2015

Mark your calendars for this fantastic opportunity to help fight cancer through fiber art.

Fiberart For A Cause has already raised $240,000 through the generosity of fiber artists and patrons in past years.  

4 Responses to “I am honored to be an invited artist for “The 100” FUNDRAISER TO FIGHT CANCER”

  1. Cheryl Crow

    What a unique, wonderful way to raise funds. You, I and the other 99 artists, are very special to give up a piece of your labors of love to make it all come about. Cheryl

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  2. marginmirror

    Congratulations, Sherry! It’s a stellar group indeed. The fundraiser should go well. 🙂


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