It has been a long time since I posted here.  I have not been idle by any means, just “otherwise occupied”.  No long excuses, just time to resume and catch up.

daphne1800Today I am featuring a portrait I have painted and stitched of my 28 year old Dusky Conure Daphne.   Daphne began her life with us as a birthday present for our then 10 year old daughter Courtney.  I hand fed her, have been her caretaker, and she has been my buddy ever since; out-living all our other pets.  She is opinionated, bossy, and hostile to those not willing be a true friend (meaning she bites first).  She keeps “young” and active playing with her toys and shredding cardboard cereal boxes.

Daphne, detail

Daphne, details


My inspiration photo was one of a few taken by my photographer daughter Stephanie ( ) of Daphne.   I began the portrait in class with fiber artist and friend Lura Schwartz Smith–a very inspirational teacher ( ).  Working with inks and colored pencils on whole printed background fabric, her portrait came to life.  I machine and hand stitched her feathers and my hand.

Inspiration Photo

Inspiration Photo

Love her feather colors

Love her feather colors

Daphne on my shoulder

Daphne on my shoulder



10 Responses to “Portrait of Daphne, my 28 year old Dusky Conure”


    Hi Sherry, I was able to view this piece and then it went missing; must be hiding somewhere in my Mac! I am always happy to see your work. Everyday I am joyful viewing the pieces of yours that I do have. Please continue to keep me on your email list. Love,Chris

    • sherrykleinman

      Nice to hear from you Chris. I appreciate your support and patronage. Busy days as both Courtney and Stephanie had baby boys this summer 3 weeks apart. Good times!

  2. Cheryl Crow

    Hi Sherry,

    Terry and I are in Redding visiting family.

    That’s such a gorgeous quilt. Love the colors. Looks so real.

    Love, Cheryl

    Sent from my iPad


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