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While at the International Quilt Festival in Houston I am looking forward to seeing the exhibit Reflections, Dinner@8′s 2014 exhibit curated by Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jennison.  I am thrilled that my piece In Still Water is part of the exhibit.  My inspiration was a photo I took while visiting Santa Barbara of a Great Blue Heron wading in a pond.

Photo of Great Blue Heron in pond

my photo of Great Blue Heron in pond

I digitally manipulated the photo with an app on my iPad so that it resembled a wood cut; I then printed it on whole cloth, adding Asian fabric letters to set the tone.  The piece is heavily stitched with both machine and hand stitching with silk threads.


In Still Water, 24" x 60", 2014

In Still Water, 24″ x 60″, 2014

The stillness of the Great Blue Heron mirrored in the still water helped quiet my mind from the noise of the day around me.  I found myself lost in thought, reflecting “what is and what could be” as I spent hours methodically hand stitching my image. What a pleasure it was to create this piece!


Detail Image of In Still Water

Detail image of In Still Water

Detail images of In Still Water

Jamie and Leslie have just published a new book called:  Women Who Come to the Table:  Selected Art from Dinner@8 Artists, featuring selected artists from the past 6 years of exhibits they have curated.  I am thrilled that I have been part of their exhibits for the past 5 years.  I look forward to joining them in Houston for a real live dinner at 8 with other artists from the exhibit (Yes that is how they named themselves!)  It is available through Amazon.




The countdown continues to my arrival in Houston for International Quilt Festival on Tuesday Oct. 29th.  I am thrilled that I will have six pieces on display at the Festival.  Photos (below) of what will be on display reflects my recent studio work that includes a variety of techniques:  painting on canvas, machine applique, and digitally drawn work printed onto fabric, all with machine and hand stitching.

First Stop on Tuesday night is the Winner’s Circle Event for the World of Beauty Contest.  I know I am already a Winner in the Digital Image Category for my piece Alone/Together...what place I have won will be revealed that night!!  What an exciting and inspirational night it will be to see ALL the winners and their work.  YES I will share photos of my adventures!  Alone/Together images were created digitally (using iPhone, iPad); they reflect our current cultural world wide obsession with mobile devices.  A gentle reminder to notice the people in person around us!


Alone/Together, 42″w x 45″h, 2012








The rest of the week will be complete sensory overload TEXAS style.  Seeing friends, both old ones and new ones (meeting internet friends in person at long last) and being inspired by all the quilts will be amazing.

I have work in two SAQA  (Studio Art Quilt Artists) EXHIBITS:  Text Messages AND People and Portraits Leni Weiner and Martha Sielman (author of the recent book Art Quilt Portfolio:  People and Portraits) are leading Gallery Talks of each exhibit on both Friday and Saturday.  I will attend each and talk about my inspirations for my pieces.


People and Portraits Exhibit:  Far Rockaway Beach, 21″w x 31″h, 2012


People and Portrait Exhibit:  Girl in Blue Stockings, 22″w x 25″h, 2010

Taking Time to Text detail

SAQA Text Messages Exhibit Sneak Peek:  Taking Time to Text detail

Dinner@8 has the Exquisite Moments Exhibit will include my piece Waiting Expectantly.  I created it with special memories in mind of my three pregnancies.  My model was an 8 month pregnant artist model named Rosie.  I painted her image on my iPad, which was then printed onto whole cloth for machine and hand stitching.

Waiting Expectantly,  24"w x 60"h, 2013

Dinner@8:  An Exquisite Moment Exhibit, Waiting Expectantly, 24″w x 60″h, 2013

Their IQF Special Exhibit “What’s for Dinner?” will include my place-mat size Summer Time/Iowa Style Dinner.
My t-bone steak, corn on the cob, and fresh garden tomatoes were a favorite of mine growing up in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  What fun it was creating them in textiles!

"Whats for Dinner?"  Summer-Time Iowa-Style Dinner, 24"w x 15"h, 2013

IQF Special Exhibit:  “Whats for Dinner?” Summer-Time Iowa-Style Dinner, 24″w x 15″h, 2013

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Waiting and Watching at International Quilt Festival, Long Beach

My piece in the “Exquisite Moments” Exhibit:  “Waiting Expectantly”  at International Quilt Festival, Long Beach

I will be attending the International Quilt Festival this weekend (August 2-4) in Long Beach.  Sad that it will be the last year for Long Beach, as they will move to Portland for next summer’s festival.  I will be doing a demo at the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) table Friday morning from 10-12 pm and doing book signing from 2-3 pm of Martha Sielman’s Art Quilt Portfolio:  People and Portraits (I am one of the featured artists.)  I helped hang the Exquisite Moments Exhibit yesterday, so I had a sneak preview of all the wonderful inspiring work that is on display.  If you are in the area, you should make a point to stop by.

If you are interested in seeing/buying the Exquisite Moments book that features photos and artist statements of ALL the pieces check out this link at

After Long Beach, the Exquisite Moments show will travel to the IQF Show in Houston.

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