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I am counting down the days (13…) for my upcoming trip to the International Quilt Festival in Houston.…stay tuned for my adventures and photos!!  First off I will be attending the Winner’s Circle on Tuesday October 29th.   My piece Alone/Together is receiving an award (to be revealed that night) in the Digital Imagery Category–I am beyond excited!!  Followed by four jam-packed days attending the yearly Festival, seeing old friends and making new ones (there will be 60,000+ people attending),  It will be complete sensory overload (and that is NOT a complaint!)

Meanwhile this week some of my work can be seen at PIQF (Pacific International Quilt Festival) in Santa Clara, CA, October 17-20.  It is a wonderful show that I will miss attending this year.  Below I have featured the 3 pieces that will be on display

Waiting and Watching, one of 19 pieces in the SAQA Exhibit Color Wheel of Emotions, curated by Carol Eaton and juried by Terry Waldron.  The exhibit is traveling with the Mancuso Brother’s Quilt Shows across the country, traveling through May 2014.  Upcoming venues stops include:  West Palm Beach, Florida, Hampton, Virginia, Somerset, New Jersey, and Denver, Colorado.  Here is a link the Studio Art Quilt Associates site to find more information about Color Wheel of Emotions and other SAQA traveling exhibitions:

Waiting and Watching, 2013, 24"w x 37"h traveling with SAQA Color Wheel of Emotions Exhibit, various Mancuso Brother's Quilt Shows across the country

Waiting and Watching, 2013, 24″w x 37″h

Also on display are two of my pieces seen below, as part of their annual quilt competition.  Both are personal favorites of mine.

Bird’s Eye View shows an abstracted version of the view over Long Beach Island, New Jersey, a place dear to my heart where I spent many a carefree summer day with my New Jersey relatives.  A pilgrimage trip to the Jersey shore made every summer by my parents, sister and me from our home in land-locked Iowa.   I featured the street where my cousins currently own a beach house that was destroyed during last year’s Hurricane Sandy…I finished this piece just a week BEFORE Sandy made her devastating trip along the East Coast.


Bird’s Eye View: New York Avenue, Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, New Jersey, 33″w x 39″h, 2012

Below is Our Family Tree.  Thinking of the spaces between my family ancestors and myself (both in terms of the years separating us and the genes we share), I created a new twist on the familiar family tree.  Using fabric I had printed with the names of family members from the 1600’s to today.  I created applique portraits of my family.  Instead of names falling from the tree, both background and foreground spaces are filled with names of family members, a visual DNA of who we are and and who came before us.


Our Family Tree detail


Our Family Tree, 36″w x 48″h, 2011


My piece Bird’s Eye View: New York Ave., Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, New Jersey (yes that is my longest title EVER!) debuted at Road to California (January 24-27) in Ontario, CA as part of Sheila Frampton Cooper’s exhibit Perspectives:  Reality and Fantasy.  What a wonderful exhibit it was!  If you are interested in seeing a slide show of the exhibit, check out this link on Shelia’s blog:

I created this piece inspired by childhood memories of summers spent on Long Beach Island (LBI as it is now affectionately called) with my family and cousins.  The annual summer trek to New Jersey for our week at the shore ( my mother was a transplanted “Jersey girl”) from Iowa was a much anticipated event in our lives.  New York Avenue is today the home of my cousins Linda and Ed’s beach cottage.  I completed this piece a couple of weeks before Super Storm Sandy decimated the usually tranquil island’s peace and harmony.  Today one finds horrible damage and destruction (including my cousin’s beloved summer beach house) on the island.  I hope my piece is a reminder not only of days past, but of better times that will come.


Bird’s Eye View: New York Avenue, Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, New Jersey, 33″w x 39″h, 2012


Bird’s Eye View detail

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