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Digital iPad version of Quilting Arts Magazine

Digital iPad version of Quilting Arts Magazine

How exciting to see my piece Taking Time to Text in the April/May 2014 Quilting Arts Magazine!  (Available in both printed and digital editions.)

A gallery of selected works from the traveling SAQA Exhibit: Text Messages, are featured beginning on page 32.  I saw the exhibit last October when it premiered at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  In the magazine you will see samples of the diverse pieces in the exhibit that interpret the theme.   My own is pretty literal, showing people actually texting.  Using my iPhone I snapped photos of family and strangers using their mobile devices.  I drew images from the photos on my iPad that I then printed and stitched (by hand and machine) onto fabric to create my piece.

For more information about buying the catalog and future travels of the Text Messages Exhibit use this link     (Currently scheduled in 2014 for IQA Shows in Chicago and Portland and 2015 in Brazil.)

Detail photos below:


TakingTimeToText detail




TakingTimeToText detail

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The countdown continues to my arrival in Houston for International Quilt Festival on Tuesday Oct. 29th.  I am thrilled that I will have six pieces on display at the Festival.  Photos (below) of what will be on display reflects my recent studio work that includes a variety of techniques:  painting on canvas, machine applique, and digitally drawn work printed onto fabric, all with machine and hand stitching.

First Stop on Tuesday night is the Winner’s Circle Event for the World of Beauty Contest.  I know I am already a Winner in the Digital Image Category for my piece Alone/Together...what place I have won will be revealed that night!!  What an exciting and inspirational night it will be to see ALL the winners and their work.  YES I will share photos of my adventures!  Alone/Together images were created digitally (using iPhone, iPad); they reflect our current cultural world wide obsession with mobile devices.  A gentle reminder to notice the people in person around us!


Alone/Together, 42″w x 45″h, 2012








The rest of the week will be complete sensory overload TEXAS style.  Seeing friends, both old ones and new ones (meeting internet friends in person at long last) and being inspired by all the quilts will be amazing.

I have work in two SAQA  (Studio Art Quilt Artists) EXHIBITS:  Text Messages AND People and Portraits Leni Weiner and Martha Sielman (author of the recent book Art Quilt Portfolio:  People and Portraits) are leading Gallery Talks of each exhibit on both Friday and Saturday.  I will attend each and talk about my inspirations for my pieces.


People and Portraits Exhibit:  Far Rockaway Beach, 21″w x 31″h, 2012


People and Portrait Exhibit:  Girl in Blue Stockings, 22″w x 25″h, 2010

Taking Time to Text detail

SAQA Text Messages Exhibit Sneak Peek:  Taking Time to Text detail

Dinner@8 has the Exquisite Moments Exhibit will include my piece Waiting Expectantly.  I created it with special memories in mind of my three pregnancies.  My model was an 8 month pregnant artist model named Rosie.  I painted her image on my iPad, which was then printed onto whole cloth for machine and hand stitching.

Waiting Expectantly,  24"w x 60"h, 2013

Dinner@8:  An Exquisite Moment Exhibit, Waiting Expectantly, 24″w x 60″h, 2013

Their IQF Special Exhibit “What’s for Dinner?” will include my place-mat size Summer Time/Iowa Style Dinner.
My t-bone steak, corn on the cob, and fresh garden tomatoes were a favorite of mine growing up in Cedar Falls, Iowa.  What fun it was creating them in textiles!

"Whats for Dinner?"  Summer-Time Iowa-Style Dinner, 24"w x 15"h, 2013

IQF Special Exhibit:  “Whats for Dinner?” Summer-Time Iowa-Style Dinner, 24″w x 15″h, 2013

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I am counting down the days (13…) for my upcoming trip to the International Quilt Festival in Houston.…stay tuned for my adventures and photos!!  First off I will be attending the Winner’s Circle on Tuesday October 29th.   My piece Alone/Together is receiving an award (to be revealed that night) in the Digital Imagery Category–I am beyond excited!!  Followed by four jam-packed days attending the yearly Festival, seeing old friends and making new ones (there will be 60,000+ people attending),  It will be complete sensory overload (and that is NOT a complaint!)

Meanwhile this week some of my work can be seen at PIQF (Pacific International Quilt Festival) in Santa Clara, CA, October 17-20.  It is a wonderful show that I will miss attending this year.  Below I have featured the 3 pieces that will be on display

Waiting and Watching, one of 19 pieces in the SAQA Exhibit Color Wheel of Emotions, curated by Carol Eaton and juried by Terry Waldron.  The exhibit is traveling with the Mancuso Brother’s Quilt Shows across the country, traveling through May 2014.  Upcoming venues stops include:  West Palm Beach, Florida, Hampton, Virginia, Somerset, New Jersey, and Denver, Colorado.  Here is a link the Studio Art Quilt Associates site to find more information about Color Wheel of Emotions and other SAQA traveling exhibitions:

Waiting and Watching, 2013, 24"w x 37"h traveling with SAQA Color Wheel of Emotions Exhibit, various Mancuso Brother's Quilt Shows across the country

Waiting and Watching, 2013, 24″w x 37″h

Also on display are two of my pieces seen below, as part of their annual quilt competition.  Both are personal favorites of mine.

Bird’s Eye View shows an abstracted version of the view over Long Beach Island, New Jersey, a place dear to my heart where I spent many a carefree summer day with my New Jersey relatives.  A pilgrimage trip to the Jersey shore made every summer by my parents, sister and me from our home in land-locked Iowa.   I featured the street where my cousins currently own a beach house that was destroyed during last year’s Hurricane Sandy…I finished this piece just a week BEFORE Sandy made her devastating trip along the East Coast.


Bird’s Eye View: New York Avenue, Beach Haven, Long Beach Island, New Jersey, 33″w x 39″h, 2012

Below is Our Family Tree.  Thinking of the spaces between my family ancestors and myself (both in terms of the years separating us and the genes we share), I created a new twist on the familiar family tree.  Using fabric I had printed with the names of family members from the 1600’s to today.  I created applique portraits of my family.  Instead of names falling from the tree, both background and foreground spaces are filled with names of family members, a visual DNA of who we are and and who came before us.


Our Family Tree detail


Our Family Tree, 36″w x 48″h, 2011


Art Quilt Portfolio:  People and Portraits, by Martha SielmanToday is My Day on the month long Blog Tour of Martha Sielman’s latest art quilt book called Art Quilt Portfolio:  People and Portraits, published by Lark Books. 

Her books** are a “MUST HAVE” in your art library.  Lark Books is giving away a copy of the book as part of this blog tour.  Please respond with a comment to my blog by June 28th (one week from today) with your email address (so I can contact you to get your mailing address).  I will pick names out of a hat and one lucky person will receive their own copy.

(**Check out her other volumes too–Art Quilt Portfolio:  The Natural World, Master Art Quilts, Volumes 1 and 2)

I am honored to be one of the 21 featured artists Martha has chosen for her book.  What I have loved about each of Martha Sielman’s art quilt books is that the reader gets to really know each featured artist with an in-depth interview with accompanying photos of each artist’s work.  In addition there are many photos of individual works of art from the “Who’s Who” of portrait art quilters (over 100) from around the world today.  It is a treasure trove of inspirations for artists and non-artists alike!  It is a book you will come back to again and again.

Posing with my interview in People and Portraits book

Posing with my interview in Art Quilt Portfolio: People and Portraits book, page 46

Portraits of people have always fascinated me.  As a child I would copy photos of famous people I saw in magazines in pencil.  As an adult I have “graduated” to life drawing classes, preferring to interpret the figure from an artist model with a wide variety of media, from paper to fabric.    I am intrigued by the face and the figure, the expressions and shapes.  I love to watch people, guessing their stories of who they are or what they are doing.  I strive to pull my viewer into my images of every day moments, so that they can relate to what I have created.  Each person will bring their own story to what they see in my work.  I create a scene for the figure to live in and to tell a story.


Girl in Blue Stockings, 22″w x 25″h, 2010

I am excited that two of my pieces (not in the book) will travel this fall as part of the Studio Art Quilt Associates’ (SAQA’s) People and Portraits ExhibitGirl in Blue Stockings is one of the two from the exhibit that will debut at the International Quilt Festival in Houston in October, and continue traveling to other venues.

Girl in Blue Stockings detail

Girl in Blue Stockings, detail

In this detail image, you can see some of the many layers of stitching I used to create textures and layers that are integral to the finished piece.  I painted the woman’s image on raw painter’s canvas (no gesso) that had an initial layer of meandering machine stitching that I then painted over.  I continued to add more layers of stitching and more layers of color (water-soluble artist crayons) until I had built up the amount of color I desired.

Please leave a comment to have a chance at owning a copy of this inspirational book…and I encourage those of you who do not win, to order your own copy.  Each page is “eye candy” that you will go back to time and time again!

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Backyard Quail, 6"w x 8"h, 2013

Backyard Quail, 6″w x 8″h, 2013

Do you want some “Eye Candy” to get you in the summer frame of mind?  Check out SAQA’s latest online gallery “Images of Summer” for the month of June:

curated by Cindy Grisdella

My piece Backyard Quail is one of the images featured.  Slide show will take you through the images, each one a slice of what summer means.  In the lower left column, you can read a statement for each of the images.  This piece was created as an auction item for the SAQA Santa Fe Conference this past April.

I have included my photo inspiration for my digital iPad drawing that I then printed onto fabric and stitched.  My backyard bird feeder is a major neighborhood attraction:  from quail to rabbits to squirrels and of course many, many birds.  All are welcome and all are subjects for my waiting camera (and future art quilt inspirations!)  I am a wildlife paparazzi!!

photo inspiration for art quilt Backyard Quail

photo inspiration for art quilt Backyard Quail

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Image 3

Last Saturday afternoon (May 18th) found me attending a potluck picnic themed So Cal SAQA gathering at Rep Teresa Shippy’s home in Santa Ana co-hosted with Co-Rep Deborah Stanley.  It was a wonderful event filled with food, friendship, show and tell, and their signature fun raffle.
I was one of 4 members asked to do a demo at the meeting.  I demonstrated my favorite water-soluble media that I use in the creation of many of my art quilts:  artist crayons (Caran D’Ache Neocolor II’s) and the best ever colored pencils (Derwent’s Inktense and Graphtint pencils).   I had cut canvas squares, brushes and water available, so each person had a chance to color and paint and explore the media.  Check out some of my examples of my “how to’s” below….

Water-Soluble Crayon ExamplesIMG_5070IMG_5069Other artists doing demos were:  LInda Miller, Linda Friedman, and Mary Beth Kile.  Linda Miller  had examples of her signature wool batting shrinking surface design techniques that she enhances with her hand stitching.   Linda Friedman demonstrated polymer clay stamps that she is creating and has for sale.  Mary Beth Kile was selling her colorful egg pincushions, and explained her process.

Art Quilt Portfolio:  People and Portraits, by Martha Sielman

Kathy Nida  and I are both featured artists in Martha Sielman’s People and Portrait book.  We had a few for sale and happily autographed the copies.  Book is available at the SAQA website, Barnes and Noble and Amazon….a must for your art library!

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Last week I was lucky to attend this year’s annual Studio Art Quilt Associates Conference held in inspirational Santa Fe, New Mexico, a city fully saturated with ART!  It was my first trip to Santa Fe and it exceeded all my expectations.  The SAQA Conference was jam packed with activities for the 200 of us attending.  What fun it was putting “faces” to internet friends and making new connections with others.  I was inspired by the SAQA presentations I attended,  the city streets and the museums of Santa Fe, and the cheesecloth portrait class I took with Canadian Fiber Artist Mary Pal.

Enjoy photos highlights of my visit.

Store window lizard, Santa Fe

Store window lizard, Santa Fe

Kristina Voorhees Adams, me and Phyllis Cullen window shopping.....why do the stores in Santa Fe close so early?  It saved us some money!

Kristina Voorhees Adams (California), Phyllis Cullen (Hawaii) and I are window shopping (I am in the middle with my iPhone)…..why do the stores in Santa Fe close so early? A sure fire way to eliminate the temptations of spending after spending day time hours at the conference.  We did eat well though!

Typical Santa Fe Architecture

Typical Santa Fe Architecture

Scenic Santa Fe building....all buildings have to be painted in earth tone colors.

All buildings must be painted in earth tone colors.

Burro Sculpture on Burro Alley in Santa Fe

Burro Sculpture in Burro Alley–sculpture abounds all over town.

Making music...Folk Art Museum, Santa Fe

Making music (Day of the Dead Style) and Alter…Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe

Day of the Dead Alter, Folk Art Museum

Lizard on nose face mask, Folk Art Museum

I loved the collection of folk art masks….

Skeleton Face Mask, Folk Art Museum Collection

they are portraits after all.

Monkey Face Mask, Folk Art Museum

A vast collection from animals to

Dead Man Mask, Folk Art Museum


Man Face Mask, Santa Fe Folk Art Museum

The masks are just a small part of the amazing collections (over 100,000 objects from over 100 countries) found at the

Man with long sideburns Face Mask, Folk Art Museum

Museum of International Folk Art collected and donated by Alexander and Susan Girard

Me, Margaret Blank (Canada), Judy Warer (New York) waiting for bus to tour Santa Fe

Posing with new artist friends:  Margaret Blank (Canada) and Judy Warner (New York).

Fellow Southern Californian Mary Tabar waiting with me for shuttle bus to take us gallery hopping.

Fellow Southern Californian Fiber Artist Mary Tabar waiting with me for shuttle bus to take us gallery hopping.

A stroll of the galleries on Canyon Road in Santa Fe.....many art sightings to appreciate

Checking out the many art galleries on Canyon Road in Santa Fe…this guy obviously needed to take a nap!

Buffalo, 1992, Holly Hughes, Retail and Handwoven, Magnetic Tape, Film, Paintbrushes, Wire/Quilted Applique On loan from artist to Capitol Art Gallery Collection

Buffalo, 1992, Holly Hughes, Retail and Handwoven, Magnetic Tape, Film, Paintbrushes, Wire/Quilted Applique
On loan from artist to Capitol Art Gallery Collection (shown in the actual Capitol Building which doubles as an art museum)—a must-see stop to view the state’s collection which was amazing.

Buffalo assemblage sculpture, detail

Buffalo assemblage sculpture, detail (can you see the paint brushes, plastic spoon, film, newspaper?)

Horse sculpture along Canyon Road (home to the many galleries of Santa Fe).

Horse sculpture along Canyon Road (home to the many galleries of Santa Fe).

Santa Fe Seven celebrating Mary Pal's class in cheesecloth portraits!! Phyllis Cullen, Kristina Voorhees Adams,  Lee -------, Jennifer Day, Deda Maldonaldo, Mary Pal, Sherry Kleinman (missing from photo Janice Filler)

Santa Fe Seven celebrating Mary Pal’s class in cheesecloth portraits!!
Phyllis , Kristina, Lee, Jennifer, Deda, Mary Pal, and I are hamming it up! (missing from photo is Janice).  We LOVED our class and our teacher…..!!

I am posing with my cheesecloth creations:  one lady and two fish!  Mary Pal's class was full of inspiration and possibilities!! Can't wait to do more.

I am posing with my cheesecloth portraits: one lady and two fish! Mary Pal’s class was full of inspiration and possibilities!! I can’t wait to do more.

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