*Steve Kleinman, photographer

Self Portrait painted on iPad, Malibu Beach and Far Rockaway Beach, Front Porch Gallery, Carlsbad, CA, 2012

Thank you for checking out my work. For all inquiries on pricing, upcoming shows or general information, please feel to contact me.

Sherry Davis Kleinman

Pacific Palisades, California

5 Responses to “Contact”

    • sherrykleinman

      Thanks for asking. Unfortunately the app I have used since 2013–called Tracing Paper– is no longer compatible with the current operating system IOS.11. I have reached out to the developer; he says he is trying to update but having difficulty. I think this was a side ventures and he has a day job. I am trying to find a replacement for that app but with no success so far. I loved the app in that one could pick and choose what lines you wanted to highlight from your photograph. One could also draw and add to the photo. I will put you on the list I have of other interested people for a replacement app. I will contact you when I discover one.

    • sherrykleinman

      I have found an art app that one can do tracings of photographs to replace the outdated one I demonstrated on Quilting Arts segment. It is called ArtRage for the iPad. It is a full service art app, tracing is just one method one can use. There is a learning curve. I watched several youtube how to videos to figure out how to use it.
      I hope you can try it out and see if it meets your needs.
      Best regards-

  1. Chris Algee

    Sherry, I so enjoy seeing your art. You have always had such talent and unique ideas. Keep me posted on your shows.

    Chris Algee


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