“Artist Self Portrait with art quilts Malibu Beach and Far Rockaway Beach, drawn and painted on iPad, 2013, from Inspiration photograph* from California Fiber Artists Exhibit, Front Porch Gallery, Carlsbad, CA, July 2012”   *Steve Kleinman, photographer

“Artist Self Portrait with art quilts Malibu Beach and Far Rockaway Beach, drawn and painted on iPad, 2013, from Inspiration photograph* from California Fiber Artists Exhibit, Front Porch Gallery, Carlsbad, CA, July 2012” *Steve Kleinman, photographer

Inspirations and Telling Stories:

I like to explore and capture ordinary but meaningful moments that make up our lives.  Most of my work is focused on creating portraits of people, places, or things that I find around me; becoming a visual storyteller.  I find inspirations in many places:  photographs, artist models from my weekly drawing classes, or from my imagination.

My Tool Box of Methods:

Drawing and Painting and Stitching…Repeated Again and Again and Again…

I draw and paint my figures from artist models in a drawing class format, other times from photographs.  They are painted onto whole cloth canvas.  The figures are then placed into a scene of my imagination to tell a story.

My current favorite painting media involves water-soluble techniques on canvas:  Neocolor II water-soluble crayons, Derwent Intense colored pencils and Createx airbrush paints.

My painted images are enhanced with applique, many layers of stitching (before, during and after the painting) and the adding embellishments as I create the scene they will live in.

Fabric, more Fabric and even more Fabric plus Stitching…

Sometimes I use fabrics without the painting or drawing elements.   I use ranges of textiles (commercial cottons, batiks, silks, hand-dyes, tulle, organza, burlap, whatever works!) in pieced, fused or raw edge sewn applique methods, using both hand and machine stitching.   I like to work spontaneously, letting the fabric’ colors, textures and subject drive my design.

Technology – iPhones + iPads + Printers + Stitching = Art Quilts

I also like exploring new techniques.  Most recently I have incorporated digital techniques in my creative process. I decided to create art portraying how we relate to others with our all-consuming use of technology. What better way to do that than with my own digital devices, my iPhone and iPad?  “Fight fire with fire,” as the old saying goes.

I use photographs taken with my iPhone of both friends, family and strangers together using their mobile devices, a series I am calling “Alone/Together”.  (Yes I have become a paparazzi -stalking and snapping photos of unsuspecting cell phone users.)  My candid photographs are then turned into drawings using various art programs on my iPad.  From the iPad, I then print the drawings onto whole cloth fabric on my home printer. The next step is to stitch and collage them into an art quilt.  It is a wonderful “marriage” of the latest technology with the traditions of quilting.

All content on this site property of Sherry Davis Kleinman.  Do not copy or reproduce in any form for any reason without written permission from Sherry Davis Kleinman.   All rights reserved.

Please contact me directly if interested in purchasing work for price quote and availability.  Thanks for your interest

5 Responses to “Portfolio”

  1. Sharon hamilton

    What are the names of the apps you use. I was looking for the one you used on your 2 bird quilt on your quilting arts segment

    • sherrykleinman

      Hi Sharon-The app I used on Quilting Arts segment is called Tracing Paper. The developer is working on updating it to the newest operating system IOS11, but as of this writing the app will no longer function. I am very sad, as I have used it since 2012 in quite a few projects. I have been trying out other apps that have tracing capabilities but have had limited time to really find one I love. There are many apps that will take a photo and instantly create a pencil drawn image. But I prefer the option to trace what I want and draw something extra in and reinterpret the image not copy. I have not used it yet but Sketch Tracer seems like it might work. It is a basic app that seems like it is intuitive to use. Another artist told me that Drawing Pad can work for tracing. Adobe Photoshop Sketch does work, but is more complicated with layer options (a bigger learning curve). If you want one that will instantly copy a photo into a drawing painting style I like and have used Sketch Guru. I have created art quilts using this app.
      Sorry I cannot be of more help. I am frustrated that Tracing Paper has not been updated. The developer is working on it—we have been in email contact.

    • sherrykleinman

      I have finally found an app that one can trace from photographs like the segment I taped for Quilting Arts TV. It is called ArtRage for the iPad. It is a full service art app with tracing as only one small part of what you can work with. There is a learning curve, but I watched multiple youtube how to videos.
      I would suggest you check it out to see if it meets your needs.
      Best regards.

  2. Pamela B

    What are the name of the apps you use to trace photos on your iPad & phone? I would love to try that with my photos on my android phone.

    • sherrykleinman

      Thanks for asking Pam. Since 2012 I have used and loved the app called Tracing Paper. Unfortunately it has not been updated by the developer (and he no longer returns my emails) and when IOS 11 is launched (next Tuesday) it will no longer work. I am researching another art app that is as simple and easy to use, but have so far not been successful. I will let you know if I find something. I have used my iPad with a stylus or Apple pencil more than my iPhone as I like the larger format to draw on.


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